Google has been sniffing around contributing to Wi-Fi infrastructure for some time. Of course, that drives the Verizons and Time-Warners of the world nuts. Here Tim Wu writes in Slate Magazine: about why public-private partnerships are such failures: ... Setting... continue reading "Tim Wu on why municipal Wi-Fi systems have largely failed" »

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From Google's Own Second Life? Today The Arizona Republic notes an interesting rumor: Google is reportedly working to create a virtual world that will rival Second Life, and the company may be testing the project at Arizona State University.... continue reading "Rumor: Google partners with U of Arizona to create a new virtual platform like Second Life" »

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Media Biz Google and Microsoft go to Washington « September 27, 2007 Google and Microsoft go to Washington msftgoog.jpgIt was a big day for Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) on Capitol Hill. Google's chief legal officer David Drummond and Microsoft's... continue reading "Google vs. Microsoft on Capitol Hill over DoubleClick" »

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AKI - Adnkronos international Iran: Access to Google blocked Tehran, 17 Sept. (AKI) - The Iranian government has blocked access to one of the world's most popular search engines, Google. Since Sunday, Iranian websurfers have not been able to access... continue reading "Iran blocks access to Google" »

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Google's Law Greg Lastowka, Rutgers University Abstract Google has become, for the majority of Americans, the index of choice for online information. Through dynamically generated results pages keyed to a near-infinite variety of search terms, Google steers our thoughts and... continue reading "Great new Google paper by Greg Lastowka" »

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This is a must-read story. It wraps itself around the potential politics of Google deftly. I hope Cory writes sequals. Radar Online : Cory Doctorow imagines a world in which Google is evil ... "Tell me about your hobbies. Are... continue reading "Cory Doctorow's brilliant new story: 'Scroogled'" »

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Geert Lovink is one of my favorite people. He is a premier intellectual and a true humanist. Geert hipped me to his recent post: Weizenbaum and the Society of the Query: Weizenbaum and the Society of the Query A spectre... continue reading ""Society of the Query?": Geert Lovink on some of the problems we face in the merely searchable Web 2.0" »

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In less than 10 years since the search engine first appeared and spread through word of mouth, has radically altered the rules of the game for at least six major industries: Advertising, software applications, geographic services, e-mail, publishing, and... continue reading "Where is this book going?" »

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YouTube - Google Docs in Plain English: I have been using Google Docs for some time. The word processing function is pretty horrible (no footnotes!). The spreadsheet is great, largely because I don't do complicated spreadsheets and value the collaborative... continue reading "Great little video explains Google Docs" »

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Gizmodo reports: Google is not leaving anything to chance, and according to an Australian newspaper is now planning to span the Pacific Ocean with its own undersea fiber optics cable to blast the world with its do-no-evil goodness. Owning a... continue reading "Do we need more fiber-optic cable?" »

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Hi. Welcome to my new book. Well, it’s not a book yet. In fact, it will not be a real book for a long time. As you can tell from the title of this blog, the book will be about... continue reading "Hi. Welcome to my book." »

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