SearchEngineWatch: Inside Google Zeitgeist: Google's Annual Partner Summit: Google Zeitgeist is not your typical partner summit. Advertising? Doesn't really make the agenda until day two. Search? Not a dedicated topic at all. Instead, in inimitable Google style, last week's Zeitgeist... continue reading "The Google Partner Summit discusses everything BUT Google" »

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Google, DoubleClick: Myths and Facts [SearchEngineWatch]: ... Is Google moving towards being a total online advertising resource? Absolutely, they have search, analytics, content publishing resources both with AdSense and the newly added YouTube, and now an ad serving platform with... continue reading "More on Google and DoubleClick" »

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The Politics of Systems, a very interesting blog, published this: being critical I have recently been thinking quite a lot about what it means to be “critical”. At a lot of the conferences I go to, the term is used... continue reading "How should we be "Critical" of Google and other digital behemoths?" »

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Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web - New York Times October 22, 2007 Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web By KATIE HAFNER Several major research libraries have rebuffed offers from Google and Microsoft to scan their... continue reading "The luster is coming off Google Book Search" »

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The New York Times: October 22, 2007 How Many Site Hits? Depends Who’s Counting By LOUISE STORY How many people visited, the online home of Vogue and W magazines, last month? Was it 421,000, or, more optimistically, 497,000? Or... continue reading "Is Web advertising really measurable?" »

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This is only obliquely related to Google. As Microsoft pressures competition regulators in Europe to crack down on Google's ventures, it certainly has to have a more politically palatable stance on competition and anti-trust. October 22, 2007 Microsoft Concedes in... continue reading "MS agrees to let some competition in" »

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Ohio State law professor Peter Swire has just published his testimony to the Federal Trade Commission about the Google purchase of DoubleClick. He calls it Protecting Consumers: Privacy Matters in Antitrust Analysis. Protecting Consumers: Privacy Matters in Antitrust Analysis By... continue reading "Google and DoubleClick: A bigger anti-trust problem than I had imagined" »

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I have been cataloging the various interests around the world who are finding cause to be upset at Google for its various ventures. I have to say, this story gets the award for the most heat and the least light:... continue reading "Sputnik tribute makes Conservaties howl about Google" »

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Library of Congress Advances 2 Digital Projects Abroad - New York Times: October 18, 2007 Library of Congress Advances 2 Digital Projects Abroad By DOREEN CARVAJAL PARIS, Oct. 17 — The Library of Congress announced an ambitious plan on Wednesday... continue reading "World Digital Library: Inching toward the "Human Genome Project of the Mind?"" »

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Google: What Goes on Behind the Curtain? Google: What Goes on Behind the Curtain? October 15, 2007 By Wendy Melillo WASHINGTON Siva Vaidhyanathan, cultural historian and associate professor of media studies and the law at the University of Virginia, thinks... continue reading "AdWeek profiles this project" »

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InformIT: Google is a great search engine, but it's also more than that. Google has tons of hidden features, some of which are quite fun and most of which are extremely useful— if you know about them. How do you... continue reading "Google's Hidden Features" »

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Google Shares Shoot Past - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog Google Shares Shoot Past $600 By Miguel Helft Tags: Google Google Stocks(MarketWatch) Google stock’s upward march continued today as its shares crossed the symbolic $600 mark for... continue reading "The Rich get Richer" »

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The Register: Please ignore the start-up stealing the OS from Microsoft DeviceVM's splash with Splashtop By Ashlee Vance in Mountain View Published Tuesday 9th October 2007 20:22 GMT Sometimes the world changes — again — and hardly anyone notices. As... continue reading "Routing around Microsoft?" »

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From Concurring Opinions: Siva's New Blog/Book: The Googlization of Everything posted by Frank Pasquale The Institute for the Future of the Book has been doing fascinating research on publishing the past few years. In a nice convergence of substance and... continue reading "Frank Pasquale on this project" »

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This story from today's New York Times gives the first broad account of various strands of rumors and speculation that Google is going to make a major play in the mobile phone universe. Now, we know that Google tried to... continue reading "What will the mobile Google look like?" »

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I have been saying for years now that Google is the wrong agent to produce and maintain the "universal library." My great hope was that all the major universities of the world would unite, raise the money, and host such... continue reading "The Open Library: A Very Important Step" »

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How Google Works by David Carr is a great nuts-and-bolts guide to how Google was built and how it operates such a stunning amount of data capacity. Check out the section on the file system. Amazing. And this section, about... continue reading "'How Google Works:" One of the best Google articles I have encountered" »

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1-800-GOOG-411 Ha ha. I love "it's totally free!" Right. Reactions? Seems to me to accomplish two goals: Further undermine an inflated and captive market that the mobile phone services have (sticking it to Verizon again!); and collecting voice data for... continue reading "Google's new 411 service" »

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Darn. I wish I had a real book to sell! From Ross Douthat : This will be an amazing book. One of the great attractions of Google is that it appears to offer so many powerful services for “free,” that... continue reading "This project gets more attention!" »

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When it comes to financials, Alan Rimm-Kaufman writing over at Search Engine Land thinks it should: An Open Letter To Google Dear Sergey, Larry, and Eric— Think about increasing Google's transparency. Consider what your company would look like if you... continue reading "Could/Should Google strive for "Extreme Transparancy?"" »

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This is an old story, from back in May. But I think it's worth revisiting. Digital Masonry By Scott McLemee Jacques-Alain Miller has delivered unto us his thoughts on Google. In case the name does not signify, Jacques-Alain Miller is... continue reading "Scott McLemee on France's leading Lacanian about Google" »

arrow comments (4) UVa professor takes on 'Googlization' By Brian McNeill | 978-7266 Sunday, September 30, 2007 Type “Siva Vaidhyanathan” into Google and the powerful search engine will turn up hits about the University of Virginia professor’s research into technology and... continue reading "Charlottesville newspaper profiles this project" »

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