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Google Public Policy Blog: Candidates at Google: Barack Obama:

...He reaffirmed his support for network neutrality, saying:

"The Internet is perhaps the most open network in history. We have to keep it that way."

Obama laid out a detailed package of technology policies designed to strengthen online privacy, increase government openness and transparency, put high-speed broadband within reach of all Americans, improve the delivery government services, drive America's competitiveness, reform our abuse-prone patent system, and free up wireless spectrum for new connectivity and public safety.


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Yes, they donated to his campaign and then they filtered the search results in his favor. Hmmmm, must be nice to not have all the news about you searchable.

Further, he has G.E., Time Warner, and Rupert Murdoch as contributors. That pretty much sews up all the major so called "news" networks. Ever wonder why right before Super Tuesday the coverage on nearly every single news channel went so "miraculously" in his favor and he came from 20 percentage points behind. WHILE at the same time they demonized his opponent?? It was very noticeable and quite bizarre. Media all sewn up.

Ron Paul is suing under the RICO act claiming that a monopoly of four or five people who control all the media are spoon feeding the public their candidates of choice.

What gets me about this is that surely those white male well off media moguls are not all that liberal. Yet they back him??

Also, interesting is that republicans are caucusing FOR him in every state during this part of the election. They will switch back in the general and I've seen them talk about this. Time did a tiny blurb about it saying it was "organized" okay.

So what does all this add up to...well, it sure seems they want him to win. I think that's why the pundits keep repeating mantra like that he is the candidate to beat McCain. People eat those "statements" up as if they are facts. Then it becomes fact based on rhetoric or so people believe.

They never challenge Obama, not one bit of the "dirt" on him, blatant lies he has told or anything else is ever covered. Nada, zip.

The republicans will take him down.

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