Google's DoubleClick deal brings focus on privacy: ... Nearly lost in the news about the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's approval on Thursday of Google's acquisition of DoubleClick was another action by the agency: the publication of a proposed set of... continue reading "FTC's privacy principles" »

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SSRN-Federal Search Commission? Access, Fairness and Accountability in the Law of Search: FRANK A. PASQUALE III Seton Hall University - School of Law OREN BRACHA University of Texas at Austin - School of Law July 23, 2007 U of Texas... continue reading "Brilliant paper calling for "Federal Search Commission"" »

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if:book: a few rough notes on knols: ... Google's new encyclopedia will go head to head with Wikipedia in the search rankings, though in format it more resembles other ad-supported, single-author info sources like the or Squidoo. The knol-verse... continue reading "Ben Vershbow of IfBook outlines Knol" »

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A lot of folks around the Web have been wondering when I will weigh in on the new Google project, Knol. Unfortunately, my computer at the university of Virginia has been unwilling to even view either this blog or continue reading "I apologize for the silence" »

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Eszter Hargittai on Crooked Timber: "What's in a Knol?": I address three issues concerning this new service of trying to create something Wikipedialike within Google’s domain: First, will it gain popularity? Second, what might we expect in terms of quality?... continue reading "On Google's Challenge to Wikipedia" »

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Post I.T. -- A Technology Blog From The Washington Post - ( The ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to Google's chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt yesterday, posing some rather pointed questions about the... continue reading "House Republicans take a sudden interest in Google/Privacy" »

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Google's robots canceled this guy's AdSense account and did not explain why: ... There had been a large uptick in ad clicks--as I think they are called--the previous few days, taking me from about $15 a day in average revenue... continue reading "Is Google AdSense messing with small bloggers who are critical of big Google clients?" »

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The great Frank Pasquale, writing onConcurring Opinions: Google Street View: All the World's a Stage posted by Frank Pasquale Yesterday I joined the NPR "Talk of the Nation" program to discuss Google's privacy policies. The callers were most fascinated by... continue reading "On Google "Street View" and the idea of public privacy" »

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From Techdirt: Google's PageRank Works Like Our Brains We've joked in the past about how Google effectively acts as a a secondary or "backup" brain for many people. However, perhaps it wasn't so much of a joke. New research on... continue reading "Does PageRank work like our brains? Not really. No." »

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Ed Felten writes on Freedom to Tinker that we can distill some general lessons from the dumb moves Facebook made with their social marketing tool, Beacon: (1) Overlawyerization: Organizations see privacy as a legal compliance problem. They're happy as long... continue reading "Some lessons from Facebook's "Beacon" debacle" »

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Over on his blog, Print is Dead, Jeff Gomez writes: ... I might agree that being digitally adept maybe isn’t generational, but there’s no way you can say that kids today aren’t Digital Natives. It’s a fact. From the moment... continue reading "A Defense of "Born Digital"" »

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My neighbor and colleague Leslie Johnston writes: ... I have a slightly different spin and some different reasons, but I don't buy it either. I often take part in discussions about services for faculty and students, and sometimes hear ageist... continue reading "More on the oversimplicity of "Digital Natives" etc." »

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For a while I have been recoiling at all that talk about how young people today are "born digital" or are part of some special or distinct experiential universe that grants them special prowess or powers and blinds them to... continue reading "The problem with "Digital natives," "Digital immigrants," and the "Digital generation" etc." »

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Check out this hilarious scanning job Google did on The Gentleman's Magazine from 1855 for Book Search. Here is a frozen image:... continue reading "That high-quality scanning job" »

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Check out Google and Its Enemies by Jonathan V. Last. It does not break new ground. But it responds to Jonathan Band's arguments pretty well. It's a decent introduction to the copyright questions. Thanks to Cathy Davidson for the tip.... continue reading "The Weekly Standard (of all places) has a smart summary of the Google Books conflict" »

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Over at Techdirt Tim Lee assures us that most of the problems that Google Book Search critics have cited will be worked out through the magic of competition. After all, he reminds us, there are other services like the OCA... continue reading "Tim Lee reminds us of the non-exclusiveness of the Google-Library deals" »

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