From GoogleBlogoscoped: Marissa Mayer of Google says: Social search happens every day. When you ask a friend “what movies are good to go see?” or “where should we go to dinner?”, you are doing a verbal social search. You’re trying... continue reading "What would "social search" look like?" »

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I Want Media: David Eun: Google Won't Become a Media Company The head of Google's content partnerships insists that the Internet behemoth won't be a competitor to traditional media. Producing content is "not our business," he says. "Journalists, news bureaus... continue reading ""That's not what we do."" »

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IEEE Spectrum: The Gray Areas of Search-Engine Law: The Gray Areas of Search-Engine Law By Mark Anderson First Published January 2008 U.S. law has not caught up with search-engine technology and its implications 29 January 2008—The law is always playing... continue reading "What are the big questions for Search Engine Law?" »

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RealClearMarkets: Might Google Buy the New York Times? By John Ellis In the last five years, the New York Times has declined in value by an astonishing 70 percent. There is no indication that things will get better any time... continue reading "This makes no sense" »

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Let me be clear. What is doing should be applauded. It's experimental, innovative, and bold. Those are three characteristics that the philanthropic world could use more of. The best account of can be found in this article from... continue reading "Considering the techno-fundamentalism of, the philanthropy project" »

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Julia of The Folks' Web writes this smart and helpful response to this blog: ... Vaidhyanathan seems to think that it would have been better if the government would have set up something like this as a public service, rather... continue reading ""Why I Trust Google"" »

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Wired Science from Google to Host Terabytes of Open-Source Science Data By Alexis Madrigal EmailJanuary 18, 2008 | 2:23:21 PMCategories: Dataset, Research Einsteingoogle Sources at Google have disclosed that the humble domain,, will soon provide a home for... continue reading "Google to host open science data sets" »

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From the Times of London: From The Times January 14, 2008 White bread for young minds, says university professor Alexandra Frean, Education Editor Google is “white bread for the mind”, and the internet is producing a generation of students who... continue reading "UK Professor bans Google from her classes" »

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TCS Daily - Google the Destroyer: ... In The Google Enigma, tech guru Nicholas Carr notes: "The many businesses that see Google as an actual or potential competitor include software houses, advertising agencies, telephone companies, newspapers, TV networks, book publishers,... continue reading "James DeLong wonders what about Google should really make us worry" »

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From Digging Digitally: At the last ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research), Gary L. Christopherson (University of Arizona) gave an interesting talk called "'Google' Archaeology: data and applications for everybody." The talk discussed the huge and under-recognized impact Google is... continue reading "How is Google affecting scholarship?" »

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Video guides to privacy policies and settings.... continue reading "Check out Google's "privacy channel" on YouTube" »

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TechCrunch reports that Wikia Search Is A Complete Letdown. Many of us have waited a year as the Jimmy Wales hype machine promised a human powered search engine that could take on Google. Tonight that search engine launched at,... continue reading "Jimbo Wales' new search service -- Wikia -- debuts today" »

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Check out this report that examines and rates leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007.... continue reading "Privacy International rates "Surveillance States" around the world" »

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From Digital Natives: When we talk about Digital Natives, are we just talking about privileged kids with access to technology? Siva Vaidhyanathan, author of an upcoming book on Google, thinks so: "Invoking generations invariably demands an exclusive focus on people... continue reading "More on "Digital Natives" and Generations" »

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Hi. Thanks for being patient with my silence the last couple of weeks. I stopped typing to let my hands and shoulders heal. Oh, and I went skiing. That was nice. So I am back and in the writing groove.... continue reading "Back in writing mode" »

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Rich Skrenta, co-founder of news site Topix and the Open Directory Project, writes that PageRank wrecked the web. I am not sure I follow his argument. But it's interesting. Over at Smartmobs, Marius Chitosca writes about Skrenta's new project: a... continue reading "How bad is Page Rank? Can someone compete with Google on Web Search?" »

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