Hal Varian Answers Your Questions - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog: ... Last week, we solicited your questions for Google chief economist Hal Varian. Here are his answers. Thanks to Hal for his generosity and to all... continue reading "Google's chief economist, Hal Varian, answers questions" »

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BBC NEWS | Business | Google takes UK's top brand spot: BBC NEWS Google takes UK's top brand spot Internet giant Google has been rated the number one brand in the UK, according to a survey. The firm came top... continue reading "Google named "Top Brand" in UK" »

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Eric Jennings writes: ... I don't know about you, but I'm a little leery about Google knowing what allergies I have or what medications I may take. They already know what searches I run, sift through my email for keywords... continue reading "What about Google and Health Records?" »

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I have been talking to a few people in the academy how and why they use Google Scholar. Anybody unaffiliated with academia have experience with the service? Does it serve you well? Have you found anything useful? How often to... continue reading "Question about Google Scholar" »

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Crooked Timber » » Magic Eight Ball of the Internets In a moment of search engine ennui, I typed this into the Google search box: whatever I'm looking for, I won'€™t find it here. First up was the nutty Tom... continue reading "Funny Use of Google Web Search: Magic 8 Ball" »

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Corrected: Ok. So maybe I don't hear things that well. Sorry.... continue reading "Big Google Books news on Wednesday?" »

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Danah Boyd writes: a google horror story: what happens when you are disappeared Earlier this week, an acquaintance of mine found himself trapped in a Kafka-esque nightmare, a nightmare that should make all of us stop and think. He wants... continue reading "Another Google Horror Story" »

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Leslie Johnston explains: ... I do not know why so many people assume that this project is preserving the volumes -- Google does not say that; they say that they are creating access copies. The participant institutions know this, and... continue reading "Google Book Search not about preservation " »

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Google, search, and the economic imperative of comprehensiveness: The topic this week was whether the classic concerns about media concentration around broadcasting and publishing, i.e. the worry that more and more media outlets are owned by fewer and fewer companies,... continue reading "Tarleton Gillespie on "The economic imperative of comprehensiveness"" »

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Google and Libraries Conference - March 10, 2008 « LACUNY Blog Register Now for Google and Libraries, on the METRO web site: Google and Libraries An International Conference Sponsored by ILIAC, The Harriman Institute and Columbia University Libraries, and METRO... continue reading "Great conferece at Columbia U on March 10" »

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Part of the problem with using this blog to write my book is that many readers -- and even I -- expect me to react to big news in blogspeed. Alas, writing a book demands thinking in bookspeed. Otherwise I... continue reading "Wondering what I think of MicroYahoo vs Google? So am I" »

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On Wednesday afternoon I have a honor of delivering the Henderson Lecture at the UNC School of Information and Library Science. The subject of my talk will be: The Human Knowledge Project (Part 1): Four Conceptual Errors concerning Massive Digital... continue reading "The Human Knowledge Project (Parts 1 and 2) at North Carolina and Duke" »

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Chronicle.com: A Million Books Scanned at U. of Michigan -- and Counting Librarians at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor threw themselves a party on Friday to celebrate a milestone in their ambitious effort to scan every single book... continue reading "One million Michigan books scanned so far" »

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SIVACRACY.NET: Google Maps Is Evil http://view.break.com/442027 - Watch more free videos... continue reading "Google Maps Horror Flick" »

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