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BBC NEWS | Business | Google takes UK's top brand spot:

BBC NEWS Google takes UK's top brand spot Internet giant Google has been rated the number one brand in the UK, according to a survey.

The firm came top of the UK's top 500 brands, in an annual survey conducted by research firm Superbrands and based on the views of 1,500 professionals.

Google, which replaced the BBC in the top spot, is the only firm in the top 50 to have been established after 1990.

Microsoft ranked second, followed by BP and the BBC. The list aims to establish which brands have the best reputation.

"The top ten positions are dominated by companies who are either British stalwarts such as BA and BP - or like GlaxoSmithKline - can trace their origins to the UK," said Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the Superbrands Council.

He added that on average the members of the top 50 are 90 years old, "demonstrating the power of longevity and familiarity in British business".

1: Google
2: Microsoft
3: BP
4: BBC
5: GlaxoSmithKline
6: Rolls-Royce group
7: Financial Times
8: BA
9: Fedex
10: Hertz

The list is intended to reflect the brands that have "established the finest reputations in their fields and make the most impact on the UK business sector".

As well as surveying 1,500 professionals, the findings were also based on what Superbrands calls a council of senior business leaders.

In a survey last year by Superbrands, Aston Martin was considered the coolest brand in the UK, thanks to its association with the James Bond films.


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