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Submit Your Picks for Tech Policy Leaders: Nominations Open for the 2008 IP3 Awards! | Public Knowledge:

We’re now accepting nominations for our annual IP3 Awards. Each year, Public Knowledge singles out three people who have advanced the public interest in one or more of the “three IPs”: Intellectual Property, Internet Protocol, and Information Policy.

As technology advances, the roles of users, content creators, and service providers expand and blur. This year, more than ever, the areas have overlapped in debates around patents, copyright, net neutrality on the Internet and on other networks, the use of spectrum, and many others. As new questions arise at the intersection of law and technology, certain individuals come forward to advance to public interest in each of the three types of “IP”.

As always, we need your help in choosing this year’s winners. So please send your nominations to IP3nominees@publicknowledge.org, or post your picks in the comments below.

With your nomination, please send us your reason, however brief, for suggesting the individual and a means of contacting them. We will accept anonymous nominations, but we’d like to be able to contact the nominating parties in case we need further information. We need your nominations by June 1st, 2008. IP3 Award winners will be invited to attend the October 16, 2008 awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

Previous winners can be found here.

We have a distinguished panel of judges who will be selecting our winners from the list of nominees:

* Jim Burger: Member, Dow Lohnes PLLC
* Bruce Gottlieb: FCC Official
* Kathleen Wallman: President, Wallman Consulting LLC
* Jennifer Urban: Clinical Associate Professor, University of Southern California Law School; Visiting Professor, Stanford Law School
* Richard Whitt: Washington Telecom and Media Counsel, Google
* Tim Wu: Professor, Columbia Law School


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