Leslie Johnston has pointed me to Sara Lloyd's "Book Publisher's Manifesto for the 21st Century." It's an interesting read. Check it out. We will need to think much less about products and much more about content; we will need to... continue reading "Book Publishers' Manifesto" »

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Ok. So one mark of Google's cultural power is the proliferation of the verb "to Google." But now John McCain is using Google as a noun again. Republican presidential candidate John McCain joked on Monday that Google, the popular Internet... continue reading ""... it's a Google."" »

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Submit Your Picks for Tech Policy Leaders: Nominations Open for the 2008 IP3 Awards! | Public Knowledge: We’re now accepting nominations for our annual IP3 Awards. Each year, Public Knowledge singles out three people who have advanced the public interest... continue reading "Nominate someone for the Public Knowledge IP3 award!" »

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As regular readers know, I left New York University last summer for the University of Virginia. I left NYU for many reasons, and I bear deep resentment against many of its policies and leaders. However, one part of NYU that... continue reading "" ... they keep pulling me back."" »

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From Jeff Jarvis' BuzzMachine: WWGD? - The book I'm delighted to tell you that I just got a contract to write a book: WWGD? - What Would Google Do? I'm reverse-engineering Google, taking the lessons and rules I find in... continue reading "Competing books: What Would Google Do?" »

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From Publisher's Lunch: Siva Vaidhyanathan's THE GOOGLIZATION OF EVERYTHING: How one company is transforming culture, commerce and community - and why we should worry, showing how Google is taking on governments, organizations and entire industries - and the implications of... continue reading "Big News: This book-in-progress must (contractually) become a real book!" »

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Hey folks. Both Sivacracy and The Googlization of Everything will be down until Monday because the Institute for the Future of the Book is migrating everything to a new server. Have a nice weekend!... continue reading "this blog will be down until Monday" »

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Hi. Thanks for being patient with my silence the last couple of weeks. I stopped typing to let my hands and shoulders heal. Oh, and I went skiing. That was nice. So I am back and in the writing groove.... continue reading "Back in writing mode" »

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A lot of folks around the Web have been wondering when I will weigh in on the new Google project, Knol. Unfortunately, my computer at the university of Virginia has been unwilling to even view either this blog or Sivacracy.net... continue reading "I apologize for the silence" »

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In the comments below, Nick Krumholz expresses concerns that I have been too harsh about Google and have been writing as if there is a conspiracy afoot: I read this blog quite often (I have subscribed to it) and it... continue reading "Is "Googlization" a conspiracy?" »

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Google: What Goes on Behind the Curtain? Google: What Goes on Behind the Curtain? October 15, 2007 By Wendy Melillo WASHINGTON Siva Vaidhyanathan, cultural historian and associate professor of media studies and the law at the University of Virginia, thinks... continue reading "AdWeek profiles this project" »

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From Concurring Opinions: Siva's New Blog/Book: The Googlization of Everything posted by Frank Pasquale The Institute for the Future of the Book has been doing fascinating research on publishing the past few years. In a nice convergence of substance and... continue reading "Frank Pasquale on this project" »

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Darn. I wish I had a real book to sell! From Ross Douthat : This will be an amazing book. One of the great attractions of Google is that it appears to offer so many powerful services for “free,” that... continue reading "This project gets more attention!" »

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DailyProgress.com UVa professor takes on 'Googlization' By Brian McNeill bmcneill@dailyprogress.com | 978-7266 Sunday, September 30, 2007 Type “Siva Vaidhyanathan” into Google and the powerful search engine will turn up hits about the University of Virginia professor’s research into technology and... continue reading "Charlottesville newspaper profiles this project" »

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In less than 10 years since the search engine first appeared and spread through word of mouth, Google.com has radically altered the rules of the game for at least six major industries: Advertising, software applications, geographic services, e-mail, publishing, and... continue reading "Where is this book going?" »

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Hi. Welcome to my new book. Well, it’s not a book yet. In fact, it will not be a real book for a long time. As you can tell from the title of this blog, the book will be about... continue reading "Hi. Welcome to my book." »

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