Is anyone worried about the Google ad gorilla? Posted: Thursday, July 03, 2008 12:05 PM by Eve Tahmincioglu Filed Under: Marketing, Financing, Back office, Tech watch Last week a congressional panel brought together small business representatives to discuss the... continue reading "Why are small-business groups unworried about the Google-Yahoo ad monster?" »

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Times Online: June 24, 2008 Google to give advertisers web-tracking data The search giant hopes to lure in more advertisers by providing detailed information about how particular sites are used Jonathan Richards Google will today expand its offering to advertisers... continue reading "New Google AdPlanner a privacy threat; advertising boon?" »

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Advertisers Give Thumbs-Down to Google-Yahoo Deal - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog: Advertisers Give Thumbs-Down to Google-Yahoo Deal By Stephanie Clifford Thumbs Down Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, said Thursday that his company’s search deal with... continue reading "Is the Google-Yahoo deal really good for anybody?" »

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Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog: April 18, 2008, 4:42 pm How Big Is Google? Here’s Another Measure By Saul Hansell Google Rory Cellan-Jones, a blogger for the BBC, calculates an interesting statistic from Google’s earnings release Thursday.... continue reading "How Big is Google?" »

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Google's riches rely on ads, algorithms, and worldwide confusion | The Register: Why did millions of money-making post-holiday clicks suddenly disappear from the world's largest search engine? It depends on who you ask. Some people blame a soft economy, insisting... continue reading "Is Google tweaking ad revenues improperly?" »

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BBC NEWS | Business | Google takes UK's top brand spot: BBC NEWS Google takes UK's top brand spot Internet giant Google has been rated the number one brand in the UK, according to a survey. The firm came top... continue reading "Google named "Top Brand" in UK" »

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Google's robots canceled this guy's AdSense account and did not explain why: ... There had been a large uptick in ad clicks--as I think they are called--the previous few days, taking me from about $15 a day in average revenue... continue reading "Is Google AdSense messing with small bloggers who are critical of big Google clients?" »

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Google, DoubleClick: Myths and Facts [SearchEngineWatch]: ... Is Google moving towards being a total online advertising resource? Absolutely, they have search, analytics, content publishing resources both with AdSense and the newly added YouTube, and now an ad serving platform with... continue reading "More on Google and DoubleClick" »

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The New York Times: October 22, 2007 How Many Site Hits? Depends Who’s Counting By LOUISE STORY How many people visited, the online home of Vogue and W magazines, last month? Was it 421,000, or, more optimistically, 497,000? Or... continue reading "Is Web advertising really measurable?" »

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Ohio State law professor Peter Swire has just published his testimony to the Federal Trade Commission about the Google purchase of DoubleClick. He calls it Protecting Consumers: Privacy Matters in Antitrust Analysis. Protecting Consumers: Privacy Matters in Antitrust Analysis By... continue reading "Google and DoubleClick: A bigger anti-trust problem than I had imagined" »

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Media Biz Google and Microsoft go to Washington « September 27, 2007 Google and Microsoft go to Washington msftgoog.jpgIt was a big day for Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) on Capitol Hill. Google's chief legal officer David Drummond and Microsoft's... continue reading "Google vs. Microsoft on Capitol Hill over DoubleClick" »

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