Journalistopia: If today's launch of Google's Knol is any indication, this line of thinking has fundamentally changed. Google, in short, is becoming a full-fledged media company in direct competition with established news and knowledge sites. Knol –short for “knowledge– is... continue reading "Is "Knol" a radical move for Google -- challenging big media?" »

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The Associated Press: Lions Gate to share ad revenue on clips on YouTube By RYAN NAKASHIMA – 14 hours ago BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Google Inc. said Wednesday that it will partner with filmmaker Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. to... continue reading "The Lions' Gate-Google deal" »

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CNET Why it matters what Chad Hurley watches Posted by Greg Sandoval 23 comments What will it mean for YouTube if founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have, like many of us, entertained themselves by watching pirated videos found... continue reading "Why YouTube employees' video habits are at issue in Viacom v. Google" »

arrow comments (0) The Issue Of Trust Is With Google, Not Viacom Michael Arrington Saturday, July 12, 2008; 2:58 PM Earlier this month Louis L. Stanton, the senior judge on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New... continue reading "The problem with Viacom v. Google is with Google?" »

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CNET Google, Viacom now clashing over YouTube employee records Posted by Greg Sandoval 12 comments Update: at 9:05 p.m. PDT Saturday to include Viacom's response. Viacom wants to know which videos YouTube employees have watched and uploaded to the... continue reading "Viacom wants YouTube employee records!" »

arrow comments (0) Google's Long Reach Muddles Boardroom Picture By Josh McHugh, Email 23 hours ago News from Also on Portfolio Ballmer and Icahn, B.F.F.'s Top Coder Lands a Top Job Heroes and Zeros in Corporate America Subscribe to Portfolio... continue reading "The tangles web of corporate board members" »

arrow comments (0) Google Lawyers Look to Hide YouTube-User Identification By JESSICA E. VASCELLARO and MERISSA MARR July 4, 2008 6:57 a.m. Lawyers for Google Inc. Thursday asked Viacom Inc. for permission to better hide information that might help personally identify YouTube... continue reading "More on the Viacom v. Google YouTube privacy showdown" »

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Michael Froomkin has the dish: I was interviewed today for this afternoon’s edition of Marketplace; of course you never know if they’ll use it or not. The topic was the strange — and to my mind wrongly decided — decision... continue reading "Court opens up massive privacy breach in Viacom v. Google" »

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Dial-a-Phone: Nokia has today announced two strategic acquisitions that will help it fend off the challenge from the Apple iPhone and Google’s upcoming Android operating system. The major acquisition is of the final 52 percent of Symbian Ltd for £209m.... continue reading "Nokia buys Symbian to battle GPhone" »

arrow comments (0) ... Still, while news organizations continue to worry about what Google is doing to their business, the company is far from achieving the kind of dominant position in news that it has in other areas. Six years after its... continue reading "What's Google News doing?" »

arrow comments (0) Google's Mobile-Handset Plans Are Slowed 'Android' Launch Is Being Delayed As Carriers Struggle By JESSICA E. VASCELLARO and AMOL SHARMA June 23, 2008; Page B8 Google Inc. is learning that changing the cellphone industry isn't easy. The Internet giant... continue reading "G-phone software delayed" »

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Declan has the scoop. Apparently, fake corn-growers (really telecoms) are part of the astroturfing of Google.... continue reading "Anti-Google (anti-Net Neutrality) forces hiding themselves behind odd lobby shields" »

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A couple of weeks ago (I am still behind in my reading), Neil Netanel wrote this on Balkinization: Joe Lieberman, Islamist Terrorism, and YouTube Neil Netanel I thank Joe Lieberman for highlighting a point I made in an earlier post:... continue reading "YouTube, Terrorism, and Censorship" »

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Microsoft, Google Fighting for Unused Spectrum between TV Channels: Scientific American Scientific American Magazine - June 4, 2008 Microsoft, Google Fighting for Unused Spectrum between TV Channels Could future wireless devices destroy HDTV broadcasts? By Larry Greenemeier Microsoft, Google and... continue reading "Google, MS, and the fight for White Space in the Spectrum" »

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IP Democracy: Expert: Google Owes Success to Carrier Discrimination (Washington, DC) The idea that broadband carriers might discriminate in favor of a particular service or application is generally considered to be a bad notion, but some experts say broadband carrier... continue reading "Did Google benefit from discrimination (i.e. non-neutrality)?" »

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According to Wired, Some Open-Source Advocates Find Google's Android a Sinister Threat: Some Open-Source Advocates Find Google's Android a Sinister Threat By Paul Adams Email 11.14.07 | 7:00 PM Android, Google's new mobile software platform based on the Linux kernel,... continue reading "Just how open will the Google Phone be?" »

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T-Mobile Wagers Deal With Google Is Worth the Risk - The smallest of the leading U.S. cellphone operators, T-Mobile, appears to be the one making the biggest bets. Perhaps its most daring is its most recent. The Deutsche Telekom... continue reading "What's T-Mobile's stake in the Google Phone project?" »

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Business Technology : Google Phone: A Business-Tech Nightmare Waiting to Happen: Google Phone: A Business-Tech Nightmare Waiting to Happen Posted by Ben Worthen Google hopes its new operating system will turn phones into mini computers that are just as useful... continue reading "What are the hazards of Google Phone?" »

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NPR : Dialing Up the Google Phone Give it a listen.... continue reading "My NPR interview about Google Phones" »

arrow comments (0) Google Teams Up With Cell Industry By Kim Hart Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, November 6, 2007; D01 Google made its first major foray into the wireless industry yesterday with an announcement that it would partner with cellphone carriers,... continue reading "A fuller account of the Google phone OS initiative" »

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Today Google confirmed what we all saw coming a few weeks back, that it is developing cell phone software. Google developing cell phone software Search giant aims to shake up mobile phone market with new services The Associated Press updated... continue reading "Confirming the Google Mobile Phone OS" »

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This story from today's New York Times gives the first broad account of various strands of rumors and speculation that Google is going to make a major play in the mobile phone universe. Now, we know that Google tried to... continue reading "What will the mobile Google look like?" »

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1-800-GOOG-411 Ha ha. I love "it's totally free!" Right. Reactions? Seems to me to accomplish two goals: Further undermine an inflated and captive market that the mobile phone services have (sticking it to Verizon again!); and collecting voice data for... continue reading "Google's new 411 service" »

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Google has been sniffing around contributing to Wi-Fi infrastructure for some time. Of course, that drives the Verizons and Time-Warners of the world nuts. Here Tim Wu writes in Slate Magazine: about why public-private partnerships are such failures: ... Setting... continue reading "Tim Wu on why municipal Wi-Fi systems have largely failed" »

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YouTube - Google Docs in Plain English: I have been using Google Docs for some time. The word processing function is pretty horrible (no footnotes!). The spreadsheet is great, largely because I don't do complicated spreadsheets and value the collaborative... continue reading "Great little video explains Google Docs" »

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Gizmodo reports: Google is not leaving anything to chance, and according to an Australian newspaper is now planning to span the Pacific Ocean with its own undersea fiber optics cable to blast the world with its do-no-evil goodness. Owning a... continue reading "Do we need more fiber-optic cable?" »

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