NYTimes.com: On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble By JOE NOCERA Two months ago, Google held a series of secret focus groups with employees who have children in Google’s day care facilities. The purpose was to gauge their reaction... continue reading "Google's style can't solve all problems" »

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Times Online: Microsoft has said that paying people to use its search engine when shopping for goods online will give it the best chance of unseating Google in the market for internet services. Offering a cash rebate of about 10... continue reading "Microsoft will pay you not to use Google!" »

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I am visiting YouTube and Google this week. Yesterday I hung out at YouTube. It turns out there are NOT little people dancing behind the screen! It's some sort of digital magic, instead! Oddly, on "take your daughter/son/other to work... continue reading "Pony Rides!" »

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Annotation (Harper's Magazine): Keyword: Evil Ginger Strand annotated a blueprint of a Google data center in Oregon. It's very interesting.... continue reading "The Google Electric Bill" »

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Tech Crunch reports:: Google has recommended a no vote against two shareholder proposals to be put to their annual general meeting May 8 that relate to free speech and human rights. Proposal 4 comes from the The Office of the... continue reading "Google shareholders want company to codify human rights principles; Google opposes the move" »

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From Fast Company: It's too good to be true. That's what Andy Rubin was thinking back in 2005. He'd worked for more than a decade at various tech outfits, including a stint at Apple, and now Google was interested in... continue reading "What's it like to work at Google?" »

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Let me be clear. What Google.org is doing should be applauded. It's experimental, innovative, and bold. Those are three characteristics that the philanthropic world could use more of. The best account of Google.org can be found in this article from... continue reading "Considering the techno-fundamentalism of Google.org, the philanthropy project" »

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This is only obliquely related to Google. As Microsoft pressures competition regulators in Europe to crack down on Google's ventures, it certainly has to have a more politically palatable stance on competition and anti-trust. October 22, 2007 Microsoft Concedes in... continue reading "MS agrees to let some competition in" »

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The Register: Please ignore the start-up stealing the OS from Microsoft DeviceVM's splash with Splashtop By Ashlee Vance in Mountain View Published Tuesday 9th October 2007 20:22 GMT Sometimes the world changes — again — and hardly anyone notices. As... continue reading "Routing around Microsoft?" »

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Google's Law Greg Lastowka, Rutgers University Abstract Google has become, for the majority of Americans, the index of choice for online information. Through dynamically generated results pages keyed to a near-infinite variety of search terms, Google steers our thoughts and... continue reading "Great new Google paper by Greg Lastowka" »

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