CHINA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: ... Google’s share of the Chinese search market pales into insignificance compared to its local arch-nemesis Baidu. Google holds a mere 25% of the search market in China; Baidu, by contrast, controls more than 60%. Foreign observers... continue reading "Why Baidu outperforms Google in China" »

arrow comments (1) Patriot Act haunts Google service SIMON AVERY From Monday's Globe and Mail March 24, 2008 at 4:05 AM EDT Google Inc. is a year into its ground-shifting strategy to change the way people communicate and work. But the initiative... continue reading "Use Google Mail, violate European and Canadian privacy laws? Thank USAPATRIOT Act" »

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Boing Boing has a good and ongoing summary of this crisis. I wonder if this will change Google's attitude toward China.... continue reading "China blocks YouTube access in Tibet" »

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AKI - Adnkronos international Iran: Access to Google blocked Tehran, 17 Sept. (AKI) - The Iranian government has blocked access to one of the world's most popular search engines, Google. Since Sunday, Iranian websurfers have not been able to access... continue reading "Iran blocks access to Google" »

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